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We're just two girls who are average at golf, but really really good at solving problems. 

Co-Founders of Prio Golf wearing skirts and skorts


While shopping for our personal golf clothes, we couldn't help but notice massive oversights. No pockets, awful colors and even worse patterns. Relevant and fashionable female golf clothes are nearly impossible to find. And when you don't look good, you don't feel good, and you sure as hell don't shoot your best shot. It's science. 

We wanted more clothing options, so we're creating them. Options that are calculated for sexy and not-so-sexy curves. Options where you don’t have to sacrifice fashion for function. We want pockets, dammit. And we plan on providing ample pockets and a multitude of other functional features in our golf clothing for the 5.5 million female golfers in the US (and counting). We're doing it, because quite frankly, it's what the game needs.

Whether you’re a golfing pro, only golf for corporate events, or golf because your significant other golfs “literally all the fricken time” - it doesn’t matter. We got you, we support you, and we’re ready to provide awesome clothes, for awesome women, no matter the level of play. 

Ladies we hear you. We hear your cries for CUTE golf clothes. And we are excited to share an ice cold grapefruit vodka with you on the 19th hole dressed in style in Prio Golf. 


Our Story

Our Mission: To help get women into golf through education and providing cute/modern/relevant/stylish clothing.


Our story begins in the 1930's when an absolute baller, Gloria Minoprio came onto the golf scene. In 1933, Minoprio wore trousers to play in a women's champion tour (*Gasp* - VERY against the status quo). Even though Minoprio was admired by some, she was shamed by the LGU and her community, claiming that her fashion choices lacked decorum, and that she dressed like "a stage demon" (we're obsessed with this quote).

Her revolutionary decision to show a lil’ ankle pioneered functional women's golf fashion.


Beyond her fashion influence, she was a phenomenal athlete - winning the ladies championship WITH ONLY ONE CLUB (yes, you read that correctly).

It is only right that our company nods to this absolute legend, who led the way for many women in the sport from her fashion decisions to her club choices.

Why Prio Golf


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