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5 Ways to Maintain Your Golf Game This Winter

Let’s set the scene: It’s summertime and you’ve just hit a hole-in-one on your favorite course. You’re wearing a Prio “PB To Your Jelly Tank” and the sun is shining on your kind-of-already-sunburnt shoulders. A Beer Cart Boy just drove by with a wink and handed you a Montucky Cold Snack free of charge. And then you wake up. Ah, shit. That was just a dream - it’s actually winter and, like, really ‘effin cold outside. Never fear - Prio Golf is here! We’ve got some solutions for this winter that will keep you mentally in the sun on the course, but physically safe from a case of frostbite.

This premier cocktail bar and golf lounge located in Denver is a must-visit. If you’re looking for a place where you can practice your swing in the warmth while also drinking a delicious beverage with your friends, this is the spot. Sip on a cocktail or choose from a menu of local beers, seltzers, ciders and wine, and belly up to the bar of one of their 5 custom Trackman golf simulators. The best part is they’re open basically all day and night. Book now for a time slot or sign up for their monthly membership and get access to 90 minutes of free play EVERY DAY. And, just in time for you, they’re launching their first Wedges and Whiskey event on Thursday, Feb 2nd from 6-8pm. Be sure to buy a ticket ahead of time to save your spot!

Locations in both Denver and San Francisco! And trust us, it is seriously the Disneyland of mini golf. We know you can’t really put power into a shot while playing putt-putt, but this’ll temporarily scratch your golf itch for sure. The uniquely engineered and high-tech 18-hole course is like an adult playground, and equally as fun to play mini-golf as it is to just explore the ins and outs of the place. Open Tues-Sun, and makes for the perfect date night spot with open hours until 1AM on Fridays and Saturdays. Not only does Urban Putt offer food and drink, you can make a reservation for a full on sit-down dinner before or after you play. Quick note that their mini-golf is first come, first-serve, so you may have to wait just a bit depending on when you go. Also available for special events.

3. GOLFTEC Lessons

You can find GOLFTEC in 200 locations internationally, but their original Training Center is actually located in Denver! With top notch technology and fact-based instruction, they’ve become the world’s leader in golf lessons and are sure to get you into tip top shape for spring. Tbh if you’re new to golf, a lot of the words on their website may not make a lot of sense, but they sure know what they’re doing. They’ll help you out with anything from swing evaluations to club fittings, with different package offerings and prices.

4. Putting Drills at Home

If you’re looking for an option that doesn’t require you to step outside into the frigid air, we highly recommend treating yourself with a little at-home putting green. Better yet, convince your boss to let you expense one for your office…"It’ll be great for team bonding!” Try out this one from Amazon - it has distance markers, is currently on sale, and the wood trim actually looks pretty cute on the floor in your home. Here’s an article with some indoor putting ideas for you to test out your skills on your own, too.

Yep, you read that right. Did you know that all Denver public courses remain open as long as there’s no snow? If it’s too wet, sometimes the course will just go cart-path only to mitigate any damage to the grass. The advantage of 300 days of sunshine in Denver means that you can technically golf all year round! Just remember to bundle up, and maybe bring a blanket like we shamelessly do in our recent Golf Cart Chats on Instagram 😉 If you’re new to the sport and looking for a recommendation, try out Overland Park Golf Course or Homestead Golf Course in Lakewood!

If you find yourself doing one of these activities this winter -- tag us! We want to see what you’re up to.


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