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Can I Wear Yoga Pants Golfing?

Short Answer: Yes.

Real Answer: Not really.

Confused?: We got you.

As golf has grown in popularity, you see more players remaining casual on the course. Now, we're not talking about jeans and a t-shirt...but there are more liberties you can take with golf fashion.

We know the lack of fashionable female golf gear leaves a resounding question: "what can I wear golfing?" And if working from home has taught us anything, is that yoga pants are a coveted component of our capsule wardrobes. But can it be used on the course?

If you're going to a public course (aka not a country club and/or private course), they often just want customers to look sporty and put together. Thus, you can totally get away with wearing yoga pants. Our advice? Dress it up a bit with a nicer athletic top or layer with a quarter zip (might we recommend this one).

However, if you're going to a private members-only course, they are typically stricter. Looser pants, collared or mock-collared shirts, and longer skirts are what they prefer. No-go on the yoga pants.

We'd be lying if we said we've never tested the waters & sent it on leggings on the links at a country club without anyone saying anything, but we also don't want to risk having to buy clubhouse clothes because we don't meet a dress code - ick.

So long story short, don't be afraid to wear yoga pants while golfing, but keep in mind where you're playing. If you don't have a clue what the dress code may be, look up the course online, or call the clubhouse to ask what their dress code is. To ensure you fit most course dress codes, while still looking cute, shop our clothing here.


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