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Welcome to the Prio Golf Blog! We’re starting things out spicy with the low-down on our Black Friday dealios, and a curated holiday gift guide for your favorite golfing gal (or guy), featuring some of our favorite brands. First, let’s get into what’s in store for our upcoming deals. Starting Black Friday through the end of Cyber Monday, we’re calling this sale our Par 3 Promotion. Why? Check out the trifecta:

  • Spend $200, get a $50 Prio Golf gift card…that’s a Hole in 1 baby

  • Buy 2 clothing items, get a free visor…Birdie ✅

  • 30% off one item with code EASYPAR ...You’ve got yourself a Par

Don’t forget to pop back onto our site on Black Friday to take advantage of the Par 3 Promotion!


Now, for the 2022 Prio Golf Holiday Gift Guide you’ve all been waiting for…you were waiting for it, right? Anyway, Prio might have cute ladies golf wear, but we wanted to share some recs for our readers that complement any of our products to make the perfect womens golf gifts and stocking stuffers. So, take a peek at the below 👇 and tag us on Instagram @priogolf if you end up gifting any of these.

We have a big sweet tooth! So, naturally, we loveee balls named Sugar. At Sugar Golf, their goal is to eliminate the typical nonsense that comes with name brand golf balls. You can count on minimalist packaging (no wasteful sleeves), no price padding (lowest price per ball in its product category), and a bulk buy option called the Sugar Cube -- OK, how cute? These balls are sure to sweeten up your golfer’s game.

Catch us kickin it in these spikeless Puma shoes - perfect for dewy morning rounds. If you don’t want your chica slipping and sliding on the green, get her a pair of these multi-material traction shoes. They’re reasonably priced, sporty and athletic (but still cute), and they come in three colors that aren’t bleh.

Best believe we’re still bejeweled like T-Swift, even when birdies become double bogeys. These ball markers can be worn as necklaces off the course and double as golf ball markers on the course. Birdie Girl really said, “Ball marker… but make it jewelry.” Might we suggest gifting the You Got This, Bitch marker for some extra tee time encouragement?

Golf girl winter is calling and she wants another layer. We’re always trying to find the balance between warmth and mobility - this Fabletics jacket is comfy and thin but will keep your honey heated with its fleece lining and moisture-wicking technology. Getting too toasty? It can fold up small and slip into a bag without adding a ton of bulk and extra weight.

Maybe it’s raining, maybe our hands are just sweaty AF. Either way, we’re loving this towel in Green Hearts to help keep our clubs clean and dry no matter what. It’s cute, it’s functional, and we know our clubs will be the slickest on the course.. It’s the perfect little stocking stuffer.

It may seem small, but trust us, this is a golf bag must-have. Especially if you’re in Denver where the sun is no joke, no matter what season it is. Makeup may not be essential on the course, but we do love this tinted Supergoop sunscreen for full protection and a natural glow. Can we request Beer Cart Boys start carrying this, plz? Shameless plug - for double the sun coverage, Supergoop pairs perfectly with our Ace in the Hole hat 🙂

Incoming shameless plug number 2…

Finally, we realize not everyone knows how to golf. But friends don’t let friends say, “Sorry, I don’t golf.” so we’ve got a little something to help push your pal past putt-putt. Our starter kit comes with golf balls, tees, a ball marker, a divot fixer, your choice of hat or visor, a sticker, and The Ladies Golf Bible. This holey book (lol, get it) has everything you need to know about golf etiquette and key rules to get started in the game.

What are you waiting around for? Go get your lady her golf gifts!

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