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What Do I Wear Golfing?

We know finding cute women's golf clothing is nearly impossible. That's why at Prio Golf, we're designing female golf clothes that are practical, sporty, yet still fashionable. Whether you golf every week, or are only dragged out to the links because of a work event, here's what you need to know about what to wear golfing.

Traditional Golf Dress Code for Women

Professional women golfers hit the most boujee & beautiful courses in the world - many of which have traditional dress codes. Several private courses still have strict dress codes as well for pros and recreational golfers. Just when we thought we were safe in our athleisure, many places have said nay to yoga pants. So what do I wear golfing at private courses or country clubs? Some places require:

  • Collared shirts or collared sleeveless shirts

  • Bermuda-length shorts, golf-specific slacks, or golf-specific skorts

  • Denim and athletic workout clothes are not allowed

  • Golf shoes or tennis shoes - no sandals

The LPGA has historically received immense criticism for overly restrictive rules on female dress codes. In 2017, they tightened the rules, eliminating mini skirts, leggings under skirts for colder

weather, "plunging" necklines, and more. Many professional female golfers felt restricted, and pro Lexi Thompson even poked fun at the new regulations with posting a Gibson Girl esque photo captioned: "Got my new #LPGA dress code compliant ⛳️ outfit ready to go! 😂." Since 2017, regulations have lifted slightly, being more flexible on skirt/skort length.

So what does that mean for you? Before you go golfing, google the course you're going to play. If it's a private course or a country club, play it safe and go with more of a traditional golf outfit - collar, looser-fit pants. If you're looking for shorts or a skort, make sure they don't appear to be too short, it should clearly cover your bum.

Realistic Golf Dress Code for Women

In case Bermuda shorts are NOT your style (...because...I mean...are they anyone's style?) there are options you can get away with on most public courses, and even a few private courses as well.

  • Athletic shorts or skirts (stay away from short-shorts)

  • Athletic pants/yoga pants. You can get away with tighter-fit at most courses

  • You can wear an athletic razorback tank top or sporty shirt at most courses

  • Golf shoes or tennis shoes - no sandals. This rule us, you'll be happier anyways

Trick: If you're wearing something that's not "traditionally golf-ish," try to balance it with something that is. For example, if you're wearing yoga pants, pair it with a golf-specific top with a collar, mock collar, or layer with a quarter zip. If you have more of an athleisure outfit, add a visor to make it look a bit more traditional. Golf bitches love visors.

For additional options on what to wear, checkout our Prio Golf shop.


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