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The Top 5 Gifts to Give the Gal Golfer In Your Life

Here's our curated take on the top gift ideas for female golfers that aren't overkill, gross, or out of budget. IMPORTANT NOTE: These are for all levels of golf.

While we're 100% prepared to stalk your ex on social, you know what we're NOT prepared for? Holiday shopping. As much as we want to find the perfect gift, we know that golf is weird to shop for. Why? there's an overabundance of golf gadgets, and a weird stigma on "what's cool" and "what's totally not fetch" (...sure). Thus, here's your easy guide on what to buy the golfer in your life, at all stages of their golf game.

Prio Golf holiday golf ball


#1. For the Gal that...Has Never Golfed

Ladies golf etiquette book flatlay

Start easy, start small: get our golf etiquette book. A low-cost but HIGH impact option to get your gal started. This ladies golf book will help anyone understand the basics of golf. The book includes topics like:

  • What's in my bag?

  • WTF, what club to I hit?

  • What do I wear golfing?

  • Key terminology

  • ...and a whole lot more

#2. For the Gal that...Is Getting Into It

A woman wearing a golf tank top

Ready to level up? Get a go-to staple outfit. Our black tank is PERFECT. She can use it for golf, or throw a fun high-waisted jean with it - (see pic for inspo & sass).

Basically, if you want a failsafe on something she'll love, that feels thoughtful, and also specific, our tank is it. There are a bunch of color options too so you can find the one that's most "her."

#3. For the Gal that...Is Better Than You

Cute golf skorts

The first step is to admit it. Sometimes, other gals just kick your ass on the course. Thus, get her something fresh, something she def doesn’t have - a fun & colorful skort option.

Our recs? Look at our Olive, Mustard, and Navy skorts. They're what we call in girl world: elevated basics. It's a fun color that feels special and unique, but is still wearable and "mix & matchable." You could look into the science of color / color therapy, or you can take our word for it.

#4. For the Gal that...You Don’t Know What to Buy

How to golf starter kit

Just lost on what’s a good gal golf gift? You can never go wrong with one of

our Kits. Has the basics + zhuzh (who knew that's how you spelled that?!).

While our kits are called "Starter Kits," they're really a great bundle of usable items in the golf world: tees, balls, ball marker, divot fixer, bottle opener - you know, the necessities. Again, we're talking something so easy to buy, but high impact of love & thoughtfulness. You're welcome.

#5. For the Gal that...Has It All

A modern female model on a golf cart

Full send, just buy her a golf cart. Bitches love golf carts. If that's out of budget (cough cough...obvi), then we recommend opting for a golf experience. WhAt DoEs ThAt MeAn? Think:

  • Golf lesson

  • Club fitting (to get sized correctly for your woods/irons)

  • Top golf date night

  • Golf simulator date night

  • Putt Putt (for those located in a warmer climate)

And don't worry! If her love language is "Quality Time" - any one of these is a dream.


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